Highest Rated: #15 USA Hot Tub and Spa Brands

Woman Soaking In a Jacuzzi Whirlpool at a Luxury Spa

The Top 15 USA Hot Tub and Spas Nothing melts tension and stress like lounging in the hot tub or spa. When installed on your property, you can set them to the perfect temperature. Then you can crawl inside of the water and let the water and jets relax you. To have the best experience […]

Coast Spas and Hot Tub Brand Review

Traditional Coast Spas Series

Coast Spas is a company that specializes in the construction, design, and sales of spas and hot tubs that will match any lifestyle and any budget. In reviewing the models that are currently available through Coast Spas, you will find that the units exhibit the highest level of skilled craftsmanship, are engineered using the highest-quality […]

USA Hot Tub Manufacturing Industry Update 2015

2015 USA Hot Tub Manufacutring Industry Update

Over the past 4 years, the hot tub and spa industry has taken a significant downfall, yet sales within the upper class bracket, have improved slightly. According to experts and common knowledge, the recession has been a key player in bringing industry downfall, as the vast majority of people have been forced to cut spending costs, and that means disposable income!

Sundance Spas Infographic “The Sick and Tired Syndrome”

Sundance Spas

Learn how using your own Sundance Spas© hot tub can help avoid health problems, relating to stress. The Sick and Tired Syndrome infographic was created by the folks over at Sundance Spas blog and re-shared by the team at Hot Tub Variety. By viewing the info-graphic, you will learn about common stress influencing factors. The […]

Caldera Spas Hot Tub Consumer Report

Caldera Spas Save Energy Save Money

Caldera Spas Consumer Review Caldera Spas is a company that, in their own words, sets out to “create the best hot tubs, the most comfortable, energy efficient and high performance spas on the market.” If Caldera has been able to get close to their goals then a Spa from this company could be well worth […]

2015 Hot Tub Industry Trends: 4 Key Performance Indicators

2015 Hot Tub Industry News Update

With the US economy on the recession rebound, the hot tub market continues to make efforts to recover, but it will take some time. However, there are a few industry areas, which have seen notable growth. The key preforming marketplaces include, water treatments, exercise swim spas & pools, app and technological integrations, and one of a kind approaches to product designs.

All of the indicators discussed here, have and continue to play a significant role in the making of modern hot tubs, pools, and spas.

Farmer Saves Freezing Baby Cow with Hot Tub

Indiana Farmer Dean Gangwer Saves Baby Calf using a Hot Tub

In Carroll County, Indiana, U.S.A. Dean Gangwer found a near dead baby calf, when he took the cow inside a hot tub, and managed to save it’s life!

This is one of the most inspirational and miraculous true stories involving a hot tub, that I have ever heard of. Hot Tub Variety covers the entire story of this epic news event. Enjoy!